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Beili Quanyousu

This product is manufactured through the combination of natural amino acids and calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron, manganese, copper and molybdenum and other nutrition elements via scientific methods; This product can fully solve the antagonism problem between elements, and supplement nutrients for crops and ensure the perfect absorption of crops. 

This product can improve the content of chlorophylls to make leaves green and thick, and effectively repair periodic chlorosis of leaves, improve crop flowering and fruit rate, and improve the ability to fight against adverse situations. 

This product is rich in natural amino acids, which can effectively improve the structure of soil granules, loosen soils and improve the water retention and fertilizer maintenance capacities of soils. 

This product contains unique factors to promote the generation of roots, which can effectively stimulate apical root meristems, increase capillary roots of crops, enlarge the root system of crops, thus effectively prevent the premature senility of crops. 

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