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Rapidly macroelement water-soluble fertilizers
Product features:
This product does not contain hormones, completely water-soluble, high absorption.
This product is alkaline after dissolving, alternate use this product 1-3 times during the whole growth period of crop, can effectively adjust the soil PH around the root system, make crops grow strong.
This product can stimulate the cell division of root system, proliferate more nutritive roots, and enhance the ability to absorb nutrients, anti-adversity and disease-resistant of crop, increase the crop yield.
Add water soluble chelate status microelement composition into this product: reduce the occurrence of physiological diseases including flower-drop and fruit-drop, yellow leaves, lobular, necrosis of growing points and so on, conductive to send forth new roots and enable plants strong.
This product can significantly improve the photosynthesis of crop, increase the sugar content, melons are straight and the fruits are bright, color early.
Applicable crops and dosage:
Apply to the economic crops such as cucumber etc., watering or drip irrigation 5-10 kg per mu.
Store in a cool and dry place, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;
If long term storage, maybe a little of caking appears, but does not affect the effect;
Avoid contact with children and livestock.

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