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Wal-speed strong water-soluble fertilizer containing humic a
Product features:
This product is chelated by natural humic acid, peptide peptides and a variety of nutrition elements by scientific method.
The product combines perfectly organic carbon nutrients and inorganic nutrients, not only can expand melon and fruit rapidly, color brightly and market earlier, but can guarantee healthy growth of crop plants, more fruit and leafiness.
This product contains natural humic acid, can effectively improve the soil aggregate structure, loose soil, and increase the soil capacity of water and fertility retention.
Root developed: this product contains peptide peptides, can effectively stimulate the root apical meristem, increase the capillary roots of crop, enable the crop root system enormous, and can effectively prevent premature aging.
Apply this product in the early spring and late autumn can effectively increase the ground temperature, enable the crops grow normally.
Applicable crops and dosage:
Apply to the economic crops such as celery etc., watering or drip irrigation 20 kg during the growth period and fruit expansion period of crop per mu.

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