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Bally Gaimei water-soluble fertilizer containing amino acid

Applicable crops and dosage:

Apply to the economic crops such as tomatoes etc., diluted 600-800 times for spraying.

Product features:

This product is made by natural amino acids and biomacromolecules γ-PGA chelating a variety of microelements by scientific method.

This product has the function of protecting root hair, it also is the optimum transport platform that nutrients and water in the soil intimate contact with root hair, can efficiently improve the dissolution, storage, transmission and absorption of fertilizers. Prevent sulfate radical, phosphate radical, oxalate from forming sediment with metallic elements, the crops can absorb P, Ca, Mg and microelements in the soil more effectively. Promote the root system development of crop, strengthen the disease resistance.

Balance the soil PH value effectively, have the excellent buffer capacity for acid and alkali, avoid acid soil caused by the long-term use of chemical fertilizer, help crops to overcome the soil adversity including drought, waterflooding, accumulation of salt, acidification and continuous cropping and so on.

This product can overcome the continuous cropping obstacles, absorb the toxic substances in the soil, having excellent chelate effect on toxic heavy metals in the soil.

This product can improve the soil environment, enhance the abilities of nutrient absorption and transmission, increase production, improve the quality, is the first choice for developing green agricultural.


Store in a cool and dry place, avoid prolonged exposure to the sun;

Keep a distance of 5-8 cm from crop roots when apply in small holes;

If long term storage, maybe a little of caking appears, but does not affect the effect;

Avoid contact with children and livestock.

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