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Qingjie Attack

[Net content] 1000g
[Introduction to Product] 

Qingjie Attack adopts gelatin-like paenibacillus that can effectively decompose soil mineral nutrient elements and soil-borne pathogenic microorganisms to effectively antagonize bacterium bacillus subtilis via advanced bioengineering technology, and it has the following performances: 

  This product can generate antibacterial peptides and lactic acids in the process of proliferation, which can sufficiently prevent and reduce hazards and injuries of soil- borne diseases; Meanwhile, this product can increase the protective layer of silicide cells on the surface of roots, stems and leaves, protect crops from invasion by pathogenic bacteria and increase the ability to fight against pest and disease damage; In addition, this product can reduce water evaporation of stems and leaves, protect water and fight against drought, and strengthen the photosynthesis. 

This product can improve the structure of soil granules, reduce the content of salts in soils and help to overcome drought, waterlogging damage, acidification, hardening and continuous cropping and other soil adverse situations. 

This product can promote to transform nutrient elements in soils including phosphorus, potassium and silicon into effective nutrients that can be absorbed and utilized by crops, reduce the solidification and loss of fertilizers, improve the use ratio of fertilizers, thus maintaining fertilizer efficiency and enriching soils. 

In the process of proliferation and metabolism, this product can generate amino acids, auxin, heteroauxin, hormodin and cytokinins and other organic irritant substances, and these substances can promote the growth and development of the root system, strengthen plants, prevent excessive growth, enrich flowers and buds, bring about high fruit rate and early marketing, and improve the quality and improve the yield. 

 applicable to crop straws, livestocks' excrement decay, vegetables, fruit trees, medical materials and cucurbites, and 2-4 kg per acre of this product is used with water for flushing, drip irrigation, micro-injection or furrow application and hole application. 

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