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Multiplied Chitin Nitro Fulvic Acid Potassium
  Full water-solubility-## water-soluble, quick dissolving: Good compatibility-This product can be mixed with most of pesticides, and applicable to any water: Safe formula-low EC value/moderate PH value, without hormones or chlorine, safe for plants, free from soil hardening and salinization. This product is rich in organic substances, and can improve soils and increase the quality of plants. As soils are lack of microelements, moderate microelements, such as Zn, B, Mg, Ca and S, are added into soils, which are organically combined with AR-O chelating agent with the combination with organic and inorganic substances, thus greatly increasing the use ratio. 
  This product is applicable to basal application, broadcasting, water flushing and topdressing of all crops in protective fields and open fields (20-40 kg per acre). The dosage is properly increased according to different crops and periods as well as soil fertility and fertilizing habits. 
  1. This product is a high concentration boutique fertilizer, and the dosage can be increased and decreased according to the growth of plants in order to avoid waste and injuries. The control test shall be carried out when this product is used for the first time to verify the efficacy of this product. 
  2. If this product is affected with damp, and friable and cakes, do not worry that the efficacy shall not be influenced. 
  3. Please increase or decrease the dosage under the guidance of the Department of Agricultural Technology or dealer according to the fertility of soils, fertilizing laws and targeted yield.

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